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Welcome to MTM

Welcome to Healthy Habits, a 6 week interactive e-course to help you smash your weight-loss goals for good. 


Healthy Habits Intake Form

First things first. This intake form must be completed as soon as possible, to allow me time to calculate your personalised calorie and protein target, and return your progress tracker to you, ready to start on Monday 8th. Please note that I cannot guarantee your progress tracker will be ready to start on Monday 8th if your intake form is returned after 5pm on Friday 5th of March due to the time they take to complete.

Next: Familiarise yourself with the MTM Website and the HH Forum.

Week by week, as we progress through our 6 week Healthy Habits e-course,
a new menu tab will be unlocked for you with targeted weekly information.

Be sure to check out the HH Forum regularly, as we will be using this Forum for our weekly check ins,
and any e-course updates.

A little bit about the course

Week 1 is all about getting set up and covering the basics as you get used to tracking your calories. There is a welcome video which explains my approach to weight-loss and the ethos of this course. There are also useful videos to show you how to put your personalised calorie and protein target into My Fitness Pal, how to use your personalised tracker, some tips and tricks for tracking, and the first of the 6 learning modules. 


Each Monday is check-in day. You re-do your weight and measurements and put them into your tracker. I will pop up a post in our FB group and ask you all to share your biggest learning from the previous week, as well as an update in how you are progressing towards your weight-loss goal. Fell free to ‘like’ and or ‘comment’ under each others updates to offer encouragement and support. The sense of community can be an extra driving force in helping you to be accountable. These check-ins will help you get the best results possible, so make sure not to miss them.


Each week there is a learning module to complete. They are short powerpoint presentations that you can read or listen to. They won’t take more that 10-15 minutes and really help to explain all you need to know about weight-loss. We explore topics such as macro nutrients, menstrual cycle and weight-loss, sleep and weight-loss, energy expenditure, the health food trap, the impact of social media on our self esteem, and much more.

Please see below for useful directions on how to correctly take your measurements and progress pictures. I know progress pictures can seem daunting but they are so important. The scales are not the most reliable indicator of change or progress, so pictures are imperative. Please send your picture to movingthroughmotherhood@gmail.com. I will ask you to do this again after the 6 weeks, and I will send you back a side by side comparison to celebrate your wins.

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Before you get started make sure you have: 

  • Completed your intake form.

  • Downloaded the My Fitness Pal app.

  • A measuring take weighing scales and food scales.

  • Taken your first progress picture and sent it to movingthroughmotherhood@gmail.com 

  • Sent the request to the Facebook group.

If you have any questions, simply send an email to movingthroughmotherhood@gmail.com


Looking forward to watching you smash your goals.


Big Love, 



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