How do you clean my windows?

We use the modern water-fed pole system to clean your windows. These poles are telescopic meaning we can clean your windows from ground level without the need for ladders. Not only does this greatly enhance safety, it also maximises your privacy as you won't get a surprise face at your bedroom window! The poles we use have a reach of up to 40 feet meaning we can clean those awkward high up windows that you or your previous window cleaner could not reach. The system uses pure de-ionised water to clean your glass, frames, sills and doors. You will notice that the windows will be left wet. This is because as the water is pure is dries spotless and streak free.

Can you clean my windows in the rain?

Yes! As rain falls as pure water, it won't affect the cleanliness of your windows because we are using pure water to clean them. There is an exception however for working in heavy rain. We tend not to work in heavy rain as the rain can bounce off your walls, collecting dirt, and splash on your windows. We regularly work in light rain with perfect results. We offer a 24 hour rain guarantee meaning if we clean your windows in the rain and within a 24 hour period they get dirty again, we will come out and clean them again for you free of charge.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

When we clean your windows for the first time using the pure water-fed pole system, ingrained dirt and soap residue in the seals, vents and frames that has accumulated over the years will be thoroughly washed out and this may lead to a few runs, spots or water marks being left behind when we leave. After the first clean, all the embedded dirt will have been washed out leaving your windows spotless and cleaner for longer. 99% of the time your windows will dry without any streaks or spots on the first clean however if you are not happy with the result we offer a satisfaction guarantee and will come back and clean them again for free.

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