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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits is an 8 week weight loss coaching program that has empowered hundreds of mums to reach their weight loss goals and feel confident in their own skin again. 

Healthy Habits will teach you all you ever need to know about achieving weight loss and most importantly we will support you with weekly personalised check in's and feedback to keep you accountable. 

Often as busy mums, we can put our health, our needs and our  over all well-being to the bottom of the priority list. We forget that we need care too. Healthy Habits is an opportunity to change that. It's a chance to take time to focus on YOU, to finally achieve your weight loss goals and to do so alongside a community of mums dealing with the same issues and road blocks. 

I truly believe that mums are the most, hard working selfless and loving people on the planet and that's why I am determined to help as many as I can, feel like the superwomen they are. 

Healthy Habits is so popular that EVERY since 2022 has sold out.

If you are ready to make a change and feel like your best self, make sure you click the button below and join our waitlist. The waitlist will receive a special booking link 24 hours  before spots are released to the general public. 

What's Included? 

  • 8 weeks fat loss coaching.

  • Personalised check ins each week.

  • A personalised calorie deficit depending on your goals. 

  • A personalised protein target. 

  • A spreadsheet to help you track your progress.

  • I will teach you my evidence based approach to fat loss through weekly learning modules and group discussion. Each module is downloadable. 

  • Access to our amazing HH community via Private whats app for increased motivation, accountability and to share recipes, tips and inspire each other. 

  • Access to a library of online follow along workouts. 

  • A balanced approach to fat loss where no food is banned and we adopt an 'everything in moderation' attitude. 


                                        All this for just $249


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