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MTM has something for everyone with a fantastic variety of classes. Emma is incredibly knowledgeable in the postpartum area and always provides variations for a safe and effective workout.  The classes made me fitter, stronger and increased my energy level enormously after I became a mum.  But most importantly for me this group of women became my friends.


Not only has MTM helped me get back to exercise post baby, it’s also given me a remarkable community of women to lean on through this crazy motherhood journey.

Emma S

I joined Healthy Habits when I was 8 weeks post-partum and in stage 4 lockdown. I have absolutely loved being part of HH, for the first time in many many years I have been able to stick at something and the results speak for themselves. I'm down 9.6kgs, 9.5cm off my hips, 5cm off my chest and 14cm off my waist. I'm back in my pre baby clothes and feeling really healthy, strong and confident. Thanks so much to Emma for teaching me so much about food, nutrition and helping to change my mindset.


I finally found my village! 2020 has been a shit fight of a year but I feel like I am in the best place I have been physically and mentally and a huge part of that is down to Emma and the amazing girls at MTM. 



Since joining MTM and doing 2 rounds of Healthy Habits I have lost 20kgs. After 12 years I am finally fitting back into a size 8 jeans. I nearly cried in the change room, I was so delighted.  Thank you Emma for creating MTM and educating me through your Healthy Habits course.  You have helped me smash my goals, I honestly feel like a new and happier person inside and out.


A friend introduced me to MTM and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been a tough year and it was the boost I need. The variety of the classes is great and I can see and feel my muscles again. I have lost 8kgs, my mind feels clearer and my back pain has improved dramatically. MTM, is honestly like a little village. Emma connects us all together, be it through hilarious group chats, zoom parties or MTM socials. I am so glad I decided to join.


This place is fabulous. I’m so glad I found this gym and community for baby number two. Emma the owner has created the perfect place for mothers to keep fit and healthy. The classes are so well structured, with a different class every day that focus on a mix of strength and cardio and tailored for pre-and post natal requirements. There is a small play area for kids so you can bring your children along whilst you work out and the classes are only 30 minutes long so kids can normally last the duration. But most of all Emma has created a really special community of women who are extremely supportive, fun and friendly.


Moving through Motherhood is more than just a gym. Emma has created an amazing community for mums and mums to be.
Emma and all the coaches are so knowledgeable in pregnancy and post partum training and can provide options for mums at all levels.
Highly recommend!!

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