Healthy Habits Testimonials


I’ve lost 9.6kg and 20.2cm over the 2 rounds of Healthy Habits. I am delighted. It’s nice to be able to stand in front of the mirror and smile again in the morning. Thank you so much Emma for all your help and encouragement.  You will always be my queen.


I’m down over 5kg in 6 weeks! I have never felt so motivated and in control! I can’t thank you enough Emma. Doing the Healthy Habits e-course is the best money I have ever spent. 



Since joining MTM and doing 2 rounds of Healthy Habits I have lost 20kgs. After 12 years I am finally fitting back into a size 8 jeans. I nearly cried in the change room, I was so delighted.  Thank you Emma for creating MTM and educating me through your Healthy Habits course.  You have helped me smash my goals, I honestly feel like a new and happier person inside and out.


I completed two rounds of Healthy Habits and lost over 5kg. I loved how I didn’t have to cut out the foods I loved and despite having weeks were I lost nothing or I went up, I trusted the process, got back on track and the results speak for themselves. The changes I made are ones that I can keep up for life.



Over 2 rounds of Healthy Habits, I lost over 5kg. I really enjoyed the accountability of the group and checking in really helps with your accountability, so prioritise that to maximise your results. It really is about bringing awareness to what you are eating and  making some small changes for big results.


Over 2 rounds of Healthy Habits, I lost 6.4kg and reached a weight, I never thought was possible. The best thing about it is, I never felt like I was depriving myself. I did a third round to help me settle into my maintenance and reinforce all I have learnt to date and it’s been great. Emma’s approach to weight loss works, it’s sustainable, so even if you have a ‘bad’ week, just get back on track, trust the process and the results will follow.