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Welcome to MTM

Welcome to Moving Through Motherhood. We are so delighted to welcome you into our amazing village. 

Member Intake Form 

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. We kindly ask that you fill in this form before completing any online or in person workouts. If you are a returning member, you only need to fill it out if your information has changed.

  • Upon signing up you created a login and password. You can use these details to log into our all new MTM Hub.  

  • The MTM Hub is your one stop shop for all your membership needs. In the hub you can find our library of workouts separated into categories. Strong, Pilates, Yoga, Full Body Blitz and Cardi-Glow.  (All classes except Flow Yoga have modifications for our pregnant and newly postpartum Mamas.)

  • All workouts can be done with body weight. However, at the start of each class the instructor will outline any props you may need or equipment you can use if you have it. 

  • You can manage your membership, book into small group PT, and chat to our fellow village members all within the MTM Hub. We encourage you to leave comments under each workout you complete to let us know how you found it. This will help inspire and encourage your fellow members to press play on their workouts too.

  • For ideas on which classes you might like to do each week, the below workout plans have been designed by our PT and founder Emma.

Feeling Fierce.png
Easy Does it .png
Warrior Week.png
Face to face Group PT
  • We kick off our face to face timetable from 12/1/2021 at MTM HQ. (64 Tucker Rd Bentleigh).

  • Those on MTM Plus can book 1 class per week.

  • Those on MTM Premium can book as many classes per week as they like.

  • Classes run for approximately 30 minutes and afterwards there is the opportunity to grab a coffee at the cafe across the road and have some time to chat and get to know your fellow members. 

  • If you have booked a spot at a class but are unable to attend, please also use the MTM Hub to cancel so anybody who missed out can take your spot.  

  • Kids of all ages are welcome at face to face classes. Emma will help out where she can to hold and settle, but her primary focus is on guiding you and your fellow members safely through your workout. Feel free to bring a favourite bouncer or maybe an iPad for the older ones to help keep them entertained. There is a playmat, highchair and some toys at HQ.

  • Upon arrival at HQ, Emma will let you in via the garage door.

  • In line with Covid regulations, do not attend class if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, or are a close contact of anybody who has contracted the virus.

  • The timetable can be located at the link below. Booking is essential given classes are capped at 6 people. (This may change as per Covid guidelines). 

Let's get you booked in to our Classes

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an e-mail or check out our FAQs section on our website.

Let’s smash your goals, and have fun while you do it!


Emma and the MTM Team 


Cancellation Policy 

Here at MTM, we will be sad to see you go but we want to make the process as pain free as possible. For this reason, you can simply cancel or change your subscription at any time via the MTM Hub.